Sailing Expeditions in Antarctica, Cape Horn, South Georgia, Falklands, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Brazil

Antarctica - Cape Hoorn - South Georgia : sailing, expedition, photography, science, whales, penguins, albatros

Come explore Antarctica, South Georgia Island, Falkland Islands, Cape Horn, Tierra del Fuego & more! The 54ft steel sailing yacht «Sarah W. Vorwerk» provides adventurers, a view of «the ends of earth», glaciers, fjords, waterfalls & wildlife.


Logbook entry, December 10, 05:00. Without waking the sleepers, three members of the crew prepare to go and view beavers at first light. Outside it's still dark, but those who want to see beavers at work have to get up early. While the three early birds pack the freshly baked bread, I fill the thermos with hot coffee. Spending hours on the lookout for beavers, that is what you need. [more]

Life on board

Logbook entry, 03:15. Susan gently taps the barometer and notes, that the atmospheric pressure is slowly dropping. After recording pressure, positions and bearing in the logbook, she checks the sea temperature. 2°Celsius or less indicate the possible presence of icebergs. She sticks her head out of the hatch to chat with Kevin, who is outside on icewatch. Like a giant pen drawing a graciously flowing line, the ship leaves a phosphorescent trail of thousands of sparks on the black sea. Kevin describes how 45 minutes ago a group of dolphins had made the bow of the ship the centre of their playground. [more]